Jewelry rings are a precious possession that needs care and attention to keep them looking beautiful for years. Whether you have inherited an antique ring or purchased a brand new one, proper care is essential to maintain its value and beauty. Here are some tips on how to care for your jewelry ring.


Clean your ring regularly

Regular cleaning is necessary to keep your ring looking new and shiny. You can use a soft-bristled brush and mild soap or jewelry cleaner to clean your ring. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as they can scratch or damage your ring. You can also take your ring to a professional jeweler for cleaning and polishing.


Remove your ring before engaging in physical activity

Avoid wearing your jewelry ring while engaging in any physical activity that could damage it. Activities such as swimming, gardening, or working with heavy machinery can scratch or damage your ring. It's best to remove your ring and store it in a safe place until the activity is over.


Store your ring properly

Proper storage is essential to protect your jewelry ring from scratches, dents, or any other damage. Store your ring in a soft pouch or jewelry box to prevent it from rubbing against other jewelry pieces. You can also store it in a separate compartment to avoid any tangling or scratching.


Avoid exposing your ring to chemicals

Chemicals such as perfume, hairspray, and household cleaning products can damage your jewelry ring. Avoid exposing your ring to these chemicals, as they can cause discoloration or tarnishing. It's best to apply perfume or hairspray before wearing your ring and remove it before cleaning or working with any chemicals.


Check for loose stones and prongs

Regularly inspect your jewelry ring for loose stones or prongs. Loose stones can fall out of your ring, causing irreparable damage. If you notice any loose stones or prongs, take your ring to a professional jeweler for repair.


Wear your ring with care

Be mindful while wearing your jewelry ring. Avoid wearing it while doing any heavy lifting or manual labor. If you're wearing gloves, take off your ring before putting them on to prevent any damage. You can also remove your ring before washing your hands to avoid any soap or water buildup.

In conclusion, caring for your jewelry ring is crucial to maintain its beauty and value. Regular cleaning, proper storage, and avoiding exposure to chemicals are some of the best ways to care for your ring. By following these tips, you can enjoy your jewelry ring for many years to come.
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Quick and high quality

Already left a review on google but leaving one here as well for those who are hesitant to buy rings online (like myself). Great quality and very pleasant experience.

Round cut Lab Alexandrite match Opal | Moonstone Engagement Ring

Nature Inspired Long Hexagon cut Moissanite Leaf Gold ring set


Ring is beautiful and i like it very much and can’t wait to propose to my girlfriend


I paid for the rush order, and it came within the time frame expected!
My wife loves the ring it shines so beautifully, and we love how the moonstone reflects blue in the light! Thank you so much!

So beautiful!

I love the ring I ordered. The stone is so beautiful in person. I love all the details! I had trouble tracking my order at first but once I emailed them they were able to help me super fast.

Surpasses Expectations

I was on a journey to find the perfect ring for my partner and the quality is even more apparent in-person. It's very beautiful and the colors are amazing in any lighting.


I think the ring is absolutely beautiful but… the size of the band I think is very thin. Overall I still love it and recommend. A wedding band will fix my problem :)

Seems to be of good quality. She loves it. I'm happy.

We love it!! Thank you!!

I was trying to get my now fiancé an engagement ring that fit her style perfectly, but it needed to get here before April 2nd. I contacted the person who runs this and they made sure it got here asap! She was so happy and excited to see her ring once I proposed!! Thank you all so much!

The ring is stunning, surpassing expectations set by pictures. I was not sure about the quality ring when placing the order, but after reading other reviews where people expressed sheer delight with their purchases, I decided to give it a try. I am absolutely thrilled with my decision.

Natural Green Moss Agate pear cut cluster Engagement Ring

It’s perfectly made and really beautiful and shiny.

Chose the Genuine Diamond Version

..and I just LOVE it! It's beautiful! They took the time to get precise measurements so it would fit on my engagement ring, and whe I got it, it fit like they came together! They did a beautiful job! Excellent communication & customer service. I HIGHLY recommend them ! You will be very pleased!

Even more beautiful than pictured

Very beautiful and worth the wait.

1.5 Carat Oval cut Moissanite Cluster Half Eternity Engagement Ring Bridal Set

The ring was perfect was super beautiful and shipping didn’t take long at all

Absolutely a dream

This ring is so perfect in every way. I love the unique band and the small diamonds on the sides just make it over the top. It sparkles beautifully and I am 100% in love with it.

It took a little bit of time to get the ring but it came out better than we thought,very close to what is pictured in the photos

It’s a beautiful ring. Happy with the service.

Looks great

Ring looks great and came in a very nice box. It looks exactly like what you see

The ring is absolutely beautiful!

Would by from again

A+. Everything as described and expected. Would by from again.

Highly recommend

My now fiancee, wanted something floral, something dainty, cute, but just the right balance of sparkly. The look in her eyes when I put the ring on her finger is a sight I hope to see again, nothing in this world can bring me near tears as much as my engagement day with this ring. The ring, is beautiful, sparkling under the slightest amount of light. Ashlyn was awesome from day 1. Highly recommend.